Fuel Injection – B&W / Sulzer Slow Speed Engines

If you are looking to reduce costs of maintaining fuel injection equipment without compromising reliability or performance, we offer the solution. We offer top quality spare parts, reconditioning of spindle & guides and a complete fuel injector overhaul service, all at competitive prices.


Spare Parts Supply



We provide spares for the recent ranges of the two main slow
speed 2 Stroke engine builders:


Wartsila Sulzer RTA, RLA/B & RND


Spares for some older engines are also available
(e.g. B&W K74EF).

The range of parts we offer covers engine designer built & all licensed built engines including Hyundai, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Mitsui and Diesel United.


All fuel injector components are available including:

Spindle & Guide Assemblies

Non Return Valves

Circulation Valves

Atomizer / Nozzle tips*

* For ships built after year 2000 we can also supply IMO stamped atomizer / nozzle tips to comply with emissions regulations.


In addition, we also supply many popular injection pump
components such as:

Pump Elements (Barrel & Plungers)

Spill Valves

Suction Valves


B&W & Sulzer Fuel Valve Testing

B&W & Sulzer Fuel Valve Testing


Sulzer RTA 2 Part Nozzle

Sulzer RTA 2 Part Nozzle



Quality and Guarantee

We supply spares only from established European original equipment manufacturers with a proven track record of high quality manufacture.

For complete peace of mind, all parts we supply are supported by comprehensive products liability insurance.


B&W / Sulzer Fuel Valve Overhaul

We have overhaul & testing facilities for all Wartsila Sulzer RTA & B&W MC, GB(E) and GF(CA) fuel valves.

Our workshop is equipped with the latest IOP Marine test rig as recommended & approved by MAN & Wartsila for testing their fuel valves.

The test rig features IOP’s “Safe Test Technology”: Developed in association with MAN, this electronic control system allows the correct & safe testing of B&W slide valve injectors without the risk of damage that can be caused by traditional testers.

For Wartsila Sulzer RTA fuel valves the rig also includes a hydraulic spanner to enable easier dismantling and to allow the nozzle retaining nuts to be accurately re-torqued to the required specification.


Spindle Guide / Needle & Guide Reconditioning

As well as complete injector overhaul, we also recondition spindle & guide assemblies, non-return valves and circulation valves for B&W and Sulzer injectors, extending the service life of these costly components.



Contact Us

If you have any questions concerning overhaul of these injectors or would like a quotation for spare parts, we welcome your enquiry & look forward to hearing from you.

E-mail or contact form, Telephone + 44 1425 473 485

All manufacturers’ names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are for reference only. It is not implied that any part is the product of the manufacturer. MAN and B&W are registered trademarks of MAN A.G. Wartsila is a registered trademark of Wartsila Technolgy Oy AB. Sulzer is a registered trademark of  Sulzer Management A.G.

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